Monday, March 31, 2008

Pic Recap | "I Am the American Dream"

For all those who missed Floyd's Birthday Party at Club410, here is what you missed:

(Photo Credits: Tommie Battle III)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recap: Ravens Super Bowl Team Celebrate at Ray Lewis' Full Moon

Last Saturday, Errol Omari and (one of my favs) The Hotboy DJ Quicksilva threw a party for the 2001 Ravens Super Bowl Team at Ray Lewis' Full Moon Restaurant (2400 Boston St.). I'd never been to his restaurant before and I must say it's impressive even though the kitchen was shut down and we couldn't make good use of the personal flat screens in each booth...

Still, there was plenty of memorabilia to remind you (in case you forgot) that this was Ray Lewis territory. With jerseys, pictures and footballs in every corner and on every wall, nook and cranny.

I stayed for all of 20 minutes until I gave up on the whole thing...imagine this: If Jesus and his 12 disciples had groupies...and during The Last Supper they made all their groupies wait downstairs until they finished eating...that's how I felt. Even after midnight (when I arrived) there was nothing but well-dressed women downstairs...the football players who arrived were quickly ushered upstairs into the unknown (I suppose VIP), leaving us left to wonder what was so special about upstairs?...leaving others to wonder (I'm sure) what do you have to do to get upstairs.

I wasn't willing to find out. Shout out to DJ Quicksilva who was on the 1's and 2's.

Baltimore's Own Mario on Dancing with the Stars

Aight Bmore...time to support your own. Looks like Mario is doing more than "Crying Out for Me". He's been doing quite well on Dancing With the Stars with partner Karina Smirnoff so definitely tune in to see if he can bring one home for the city...

Tune into ABC on Monday & Tuesday nights to watch Mario perform, and don't forget to click here and vote immediately following the show!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recap: "I Am the American Dream" | Happy Birthday Floyd!

Ladies and gentlemen...I suggest you get a nice throw blanket, some hot tea, a comfy chair for back support, and relax because Miss BmoreFab! has gots LOTS to say...

First, lemme give a big Happy Birthday to Floyd T of Pretty Boy Ent... (and Hardworking Affiliates and The Kool If you missed his bday party, here's what you missed:

Directly infront of Club 410 is a cemetery (enuff said) I walked in, the first floor was empty so we were directed upstairs to where the party people were. As I turned the corner to go up, I was hit with the Michael Jackson "Billy Jean" steps. NO exaggeration...I was nearly blinded walking up the flight and was helped by a nice hood dude. Thanks yo.

The second floor was kinda reminded me of my grandma's house. There was a nicely decorated powder room and a living room! Yes, I said a living room. There were couches and pictures on the wall ...??

And now on to the people...let's just say there was obviously no dress code enforced. It seemed to be a "night for the hood dudes"... let's just say I thought I saw Snoop from The Wire...

For this one, Miss BmoreFab!  gives 2.5 out of 5 mics (we doin' this SOURCE Magazine style). And the first mic is for the DJ B-Eazy who played "Dunn Dunn" by Shawty-Lo (thats my song!). The 2nd mic goes to the little man with the big voice on the mic. And the .5 goes to Pretty Boy Ent. for a good effort.

I'm sure I'll be at the next Pretty Boy party...I guess the lesson learned is that you cannot set your expectations too high when your party is sharing the parking lot with the dead...

Until next time...I'm signing off!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Love Saturdays at Gordon's

So if you're looking for something chill to do on Saturday...maybe a 3rd date...or maybe a night out with the boo...check out Gordon's Bar & Lounge.This is also the spot if a fight is on because they have 3 floors, 3 bars, 8 plasma TV's, a Martini Lounge, and a Red Room (this red room sounds interesting...)

So basically you can party on one floor, and relax on another.

Doors open at 8pm, with open bar from 8-9pm (sounds promising...)

Free admission before 10pm and $10 after.

For more information, click here for more information.

p.s.- Definitely click on the link above because the intro music is very chic (or maybe it just sounds like some music from a Kay Jewelers decide)

Former Baltimore Ravens at Kiss Cafe

This Friday (3.28.08), come celebrate the birthday of Jeff Blackshear at Kiss Cafe (In Canton), hosted by Former Baltimore Ravens Duane Starks & Alan Ricard (If they don't sound familiar, don't feel bad. I didn't remember them either, but they are 2000 Superbowl Champions)

So this is a call to all the groupies...cause the football players will be in the building. And the bottles will be poppin' with Moet bottles specials for $85.

Doors open at 9pm, and they are guaranteeing lots of parking (hopefully that doesn't mean 3 spots on a side street).

Ladies I suggest you come lookin' extra flyyy because the Ravens are promising a good time.

See you tonight!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break at Xanadu

Can I just start off by saying that us "9-5" folks don't get a spring break?!? (Sorry I felt like I needed to get that off my chest...and now back to our regularly scheduled program)

Get ready for the Spring Break Part 2: Spring Fashion Edition of Xanadu Thursdays on (3.27.08). Music by none other than DJ KI (aww one of our favs) and DJ Donjuan. This event is 21+, and they are advertising it by saying that this is "strictly for my upperclassmen." (since I graduated, does that mean I'm not invited???)

Ladies free before 11pm. Sorry fellas, there's no mention of you, BUT there are saying there will be a Bikini Fashion Showcase so I'm thinkin' you'll prolly wanna be there anyway :)

One more thing...they are suggesting that you wear spring colors (cute for the ladies, but if the fellas are tryin' to get a girl, I would suggest you don't get too "springy")

Ok see you there... (if they let me in without college ID)

Neke of 92Q Becomes Program Director!

(Photo: My soror, Neke with Mary J. Blige)

Radio One has announced that on-air personality, Neke, will become the new Program Director for 92Q. Since December 2007, she had been serving as the acting program director, and will now become the FIRST woman director in 92Q's history!!! (annndd thats my soror sooo... a big Oo-oop for that one!)

You may be familiar with her show, the Weekday Work Force (10am-2pm) and don't worry you can still tune into her.

TheFabEmpire wants to congratulate Neke for such a great job!!! This was definitely fab! worthy :)

Mini Recap: Pastels & Pumps

Let me start off by first saying that I love the name of the party (Pastels & Pumps)...Easter meets it.

I must say that I didnt hear ONE bad comment about this party. BmoreFab! sources say the DJ was on point, folks were dressed classy (you know this is a big deal for Bmore lol...right Sean Breezey?), and the rumors were true...two girls won $50 each for wearing the flyest pumps (hmmm who were the judges?)

I dunno Bmore...looks like we found a winner...which means that we all need to attend "I Am the American Dream" party this Friday (3.28.08) at Club 410.

The only question I have is...what's up with the millions of names fellas? Is it Pretty Boy? Hardworking Affiliates? Floyd & Kian? (Depends on the mood huh?)

Ight other comments on the party? Please leave em'!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Retro Riddims at Eden's Lounge

Mek and JR along with Panthere Noire Entertainment presents a special edition of International Thursdays @ Eden's Lounge on Thursday (3.27.08) by bringing back some of' your "favorite reggae and dancehall tunes from the the early days and not so distant past!!!" Genocyde International's DJ Reem will be on the 1 & 2's (I've heard of him...he's pretty good)

This definitely sounds like my type of event seeing as though I am a "yardie" myself (well not really cause I was born here BUT my WHOLE family is from Jamaica...soooo...BIG UPS!)

Ladies are free before 10:30pm & $10 after. Fellas are $10 before 11:30pm

This is a 21+ event, and they are asking that you keep it "classy"...that means NO athletic wear...and only dress jeans are allowed (still not sure what that is for dudes, but OK!)

Basically yall need to be there...then we can all "slow wine, slow wine...."

Jay-Z & Mary J Blige Concert Afterparty @ Lodge Bar

So 92Q is hosting the official "Heart of the City" Tour Afterparty @ Lodge Bar in Power Plant Live on Wednesday night (3.26.08). Doors open at 9...butttt this is Mary J. and Jay-Z so I would suggest a much earlier arrival. If you actually got tickets to the show and you still got a two step left in you, hop over to Lodge Bar after the concert.

"Thirty is the new twenty" is the theme for the night (I'm finally startin to understand that as I slowly creep up to my mid-twenties).

Hosted by none other than Konan, Lana Rae, and the KIS Models, if you go you'll also get an opportunity to win tickets to see Alicia Keys, Katt Williams, or to Flywire's White Tie Affair. They're also giving away free tickets to Florida or L.A. on Southwest Airlines. (I so need that!) So you can see...there's ALOT going on here. Its like a party and game show combined in one with all the different opportunities to win things.

You might not win the big stuff, but you don't have to walk away empty handed: the first 92 ladies get free martinis from the "Thirty is the new Twenty" martini menu ( I knoooowww this will make DC Fab! Girl particularly happy!)

They are asking that your "vibe and attire" be grown & other words...don't come there lookin' fly but actin' stank.

Visit 92Q for more information.

p.s. Am I the only one that misses the old "Mary?" You know when she was having issues with K-Ci, the My Life Album, etc? I still love you tho Mary!!! But shoutout to Jay...American Gangster is my fav forreal! (When ya blue and got nothin' to do...head into the Party Life)

Alicia Keys Comes to Baltimore

Now this is a concert that I am truly excited about...Lexus Presents Alicia Keys in her "As I Am Tour" at the 1st Mariner Arena on Sunday (6.15.08) at 7:30pm.

This is Alicia Keys you know that your only chance of getting last minute tickets is prolly on the radio (shout out to 92Q) so I strongly suggest that you look into this immediately.

If her show is anything like her albums, we are all in for a treat. I hope she performs "Wild Horses." (anyone remember that from her live album with Adam Levine of Maroon 5???)

I will definitely be there...prolly in the front row...singing out "I wont tell...I wont tell...I wont tell...your secrets..." (yes I do adlibs, ask about me!)

Tickets range from $73-98. Click here to get them. Enjoy!

Wanda Sykes is Performing at the Lyric Opera House

Live Nation presents Wanda Sykes at the Lyric Opera House on Thursday (5.25.08) at 8 pm. (I don't think she's thattt funny but the picture below is...hehe)

Any takers? ( I hear her show is funnier than her sitcom was...I'm relieved lol)

Tickets are $36.50. Click here to get them!

Broadway Comes to Bmore: The Color Purple

Before I begin, let me just say that every single person (including myself) that has seen The Color Purple walked out of the theatre amazed...sooo...Bmore, it should be no different!

The Color Purple is coming to the Hippodrome at the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center (whewww...what a mouthful!). The curtain goes up on April 29th and goes down on May 19th.

Tickets will go fast and they range from $34-$75 (Dag, I should waited until it came to Bmore; tickets are usually muchhh more expensive)

If you're lucky, maybe Fantasia or Michelle Williams will pop up (maybe? yes? no? ok ok...I will let you know how it goes down)

Click here for tickets and the various show times.

"I've had to fight all my life..." Ok, I'm off to watch the movie now (lol)...

Katt Williams is Backkkk in Bmore!

Live Nation presents Katt Williams (aka "A Pimp Named Slickback"...thats for all my Boondocks fans) on his "It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Tour" (I hope it's better than American Hustler) on Thursday (4.17.08) at 8 pm at the 1st Mariner Arena. Now you know tickets sell out in less than 30 seconds so I suggest you get on this now!

It's definitely gonna be a funny show but don't get your tickets too fast; you don't want to end up in the front row and become another victim of embarrassment. (This fab! girl knows better...I plan to sit somewhere in the middle...)

Tickets range from $37.50-$73.

Click here to get tickets. See you there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Erykah Badu in Baltimore

So it looks like Erykah Badu is back! (Is it me or was her last music video slightly confusing? Comment on it please...) Ms. Badu along with special guests The Roots are scheduled to perform at the Pier Six Concert Pavillion on Saturday (5.10.08) @ 7 pm.

So for all you neo-soul/hiphop heads, this looks like a winner. (I hope she performs "Otherside of the Game" and "Didnt Cha Know?" Those are my favs...)

Tickets range from $53-$93 for all here for more information!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tomorrow: Pastels & Pumps @ Red Maple!

Its Mon Anniversaire and Sean Breeze and Pretty Boy Ent. are hosting a party for moi and make-up artist extraordinaire Kendall!
Pastels and Pumps at Red Maple (930 N. Charles Street) on 3.23.08.
Be there!!!


Royalty @ Eden's Lounge

I love March! Not only because its the month I was born, but because a lot of cool people are March babies too. One for example being this handsome young man in the flyer above!

Tonight C.J. Da C.E.O. and The Over Achievers present Royalty at Eden's Lounge (15 W. Eager St.). The party is in celebration of C.J. 's B-day! So make sure you show him some love!

Made Men Ent. | Flashing Lights @ The Overlea

Looking for something to do tonight???? Made Men Ent. presents Flashing Lights at The Overlea (6809 Belair Road). Make sure you check this out my lil homie from way back is a part of this... so it should be good :-) (shout out to Roland Park

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spa Week is Back!

Every Fab! Girl and Guy knows that personal upkeep is a must! I am not just talking about your threads(lol) and your do, but all around wellness! It is essential to take a little me time and pamper yourself!

So I feel it is my personal duty to drop this little bug in your ear! Spa Week 2008 is coming up!
This is an excellent time to treat yourself to exactly what it is that you deserve without paying the full price tag!

Check out the following link to see what is being offered to you in Bmore! If your going to be out of town.... They got you covered! Spa Week is occurring in 21 states during April 14th-April 20th

Do not pass up the chance to live out your champagne taste on a beer budget :-)

Spa Week 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Love B. Scott and you should too!

Thanks to DC Fab!Girl I have a new obsession that I want to share with you!

Its B. Scott! This young man is taking YouTube by storm. He has tripled his subscriptions for his video blog in just a few short months due to his heartfelt yet funny as hell advice.

Check this out and you will see why you should LOVE B. Scott too!
Click Here!!!!

Soulja Boy in Baltimore

So Soulja Boy Tell 'Em (I crack up every time I hear that) will be performing at Rams Head Live on Wednesday, 4.16.08. Appearing with him will be Lil Mama and V.I.C.

Tickets are $65 for loft seating and $31 for general admission (that means you will be standing!)

Show starts at 7pm!

If you are over 21 and you're a fan make sure you bring a lil' brother, sister, or cousin because the tour is called the "21 and Under Tour"...

At least he knows what age his fan base should be (lol)

Mark your Calendars:"Pastels and Pumps" at Red Maple | I am the American Dream at Club 410

Its Mon Anniversaire and Sean Breeze and Pretty Boy Ent. are hosting a party for moi!
Pastels and Pumps at Red Maple (930 N. Charles Street) on 3.23.08.
Be there!!!


And we can not forget about the birthday celebration for one of my FAVS!!!!

Floyd, Kian, and Jazzy presents The American Dream at Club 410 (4509 Belair Road) on 3.28.08. This party is in honor of my BFF (lol) so you know I will be there!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Social Life @ Night of the Cookers

Sean Breeze and Walter Maxfield Jones host The Social Life this Saturday (3.15.08) at Night of the Cookers (855 N. Howard St.). This party has the perfect price tag.......FREE ALL NIGHT. Don't think its much more that needs to be said.

What party goer doesn't like to party for FREE? Yea my point exactly.... so SEE YOU

Shoegasm| RS Entertainment

The Friday (3.14.08) RS Entertainment brings you The Head Over Heels Shoegasm at The Kasbah (2324 Boston St.). They are calling for the flyest of fly footwear. So this is your opportunity to wear that new pair of peep toe pumps that you spent your rent money on.

The fellas are also given you a chance to win 250.00 if you are the lady (sorry dudes) with the meanst shoe game. A party that gives you a chance to win some doughcheese? I think I like that!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dru Hill back together again...for now.

Rumor has it the boys (Dru Hill) are back in the studio as of today. Yesterday's falling out wasn't staged...but it looks like Kevin Peck, their manager got things together.

We'll keep you posted on how this pans out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Video (NOT) Fab: Dru Hill Make up to Break up on 92Q

This is nothing more than a hot mess...and unfortunately I tuned in and listened late until the 10 AM hour (only because I drove into work today). How does Dru Hill get back together and then break up...for real Woody; for real yo?? Give us a break.

p.s. And you know Scola called up trying to get in back in the

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recap: Trey Songz and J. Holiday at Rams Head Live

For all my people who love rhythm and blues, I hope you didn't miss Trey Songz and J. Holiday last Friday (2.29.08) at Rams Head Live.

Kellie, a BmoreFab! source said the performances of Trey and J were very good and energetic. J. Holiday's band was amazing and thirsty too...they were drinking and smoking throughout the performance. How unprofessional to say the absolute least! I guess they had to do something to keep their mojo going or something...

(Photo: Razor, the opening act. He claims Jay Z recently signed him and he'll be coming out with an album soon. (hmm, I'll believe it when I see it or like Jay said "we don't believe you, you need more people") Anyway, he had the nerve to rip his shirt off and pour water on himself. About 2 girls screamed and the rest of us were looking at each other asking ourselves why... )

Kellie raved about Rams Head saying, "[It's] very intimate so it was really fun because you felt like you were right there with them. I felt like [J. Holiday] was going to put me to bed!"

Here are some more photos from the intimate evening:

(Photo: Trey Songz after his costume change)

(Photo: J. Holiday puttin' chicks to bed at Rams Head)

Thanks Kellie! :)