Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day In the Life of a Girl From Baltimore

"A Day in the Life of a Girl in Baltimore." This film challenges issues young black girls face on a regular basis and is a depiction of what their lives are like in the City. Check it out here and be sure to vote for the film!

Ravens Lose to Steelers

Okay, I'll be the first to admit I don't know that much about football, however I am a huge Ravens fan. No, I don't know every players name or their season schedule but I love them because they're our home team! I swear grown men were nearly in tears last night as Ravens lost a hard fought game in over time against the Steelers.

Better luck next time fellas:) Bmore still loves ya.

If you missed the game click here for the recap.

Organic Soul Tuesdays at Eden's Lounge

Edens (15 Eager St.) Lounge Organic Soul Tuesdays:Imagine a place where the best singers, rappers, poets, musicians, and art enthusiasts meet each week to share and collaborate. An open-mic groomed with a house band made up of all-star musicians. A sort of poetic, soulful jam-session.Mix in the sounds of Dj Big Game, Olu Butterfly as the host, a chill artsy atmosphere and you're just getting a glimpse of Orgainic Soul Tuesdays. Oh and I forgot: All this for a $5 cover.

Stay fab:)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Rejected!!

Ladies and gents these are incredibly scary times for the United States. For the first time in our nations history, the dow has dropped at the lowest point ever. If you're not familiar with the markets and financial lingo that basically means that we are headed toward a long recession. Do yourself a favor and check your money. Check your 401k's, check any investments you have, and get to your nearest financial consultant asap.

If you're a college student currently seeking a loan, make an appointment with your financial aide person asap as loans will be hard to come by and the interest rates will be ridicioulous.

One of my favorite financial guru's Suze Ormans strongly reccomends that you head over to My FDIC to insure that your money is safe. Remember not every bank is FDIC insured, which means your money is not guranteed to be protected.

As one of the congressman said on CNN today, "heaven help us."

Spotted: Gizelle Bryant in Love

Yes, you read the headline right. I headed out with DCFab! to check out the CBC festivities at Love on Friday and to my surprise Gizelle was in club Love getting her fun on. The newly divorced "Mrs." Bryant looked gorgeous and although people were whispering it didn't seem to bother her. She let the spectators hate!

You go girl!

Video: First Presidential Debate

In case you missed it...

Clearly Barack Won...I'm just saying!

Spotted: Cornell West at the Baltimore Book Festival

Baltimore celebrated with their annual book festival this past weekend and Cornell West came thru!

(Cornell West)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spotted: Jada and Will Smith with Family

native Jada Pinkett-Smith was recently spotted in L.A. at a football game, supporting her step-son Trey Smith. Little Trey is becoming quite the cutie:) Check out more pics below...

So cute, gotta love them!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kiss and Tell Friday's at Kiss Cafe

If you're looking for something new to do tonight, check out Kiss and Tell Friday's at Kiss Cafe (2400 Boston St.).

BmoreFab! Weekend Rundown

The weekend is FINALLY here! Can I get an Amen? Although the weather isn't working in our favor it's still time to bring out those umbrellas and start out the new season the right way.

Check out the rundown below;

>Musiq SoulChild will be performing live tonight at Sonar Lounge (407 E. Saratoga St). You can go to ticketmaster.com to purchase tix!

> Tonight Pur Lounge (2322 Pur) host their weekly Fashion Friday Party which also happens to be the official Musiq Soul Child afterparty. They'll also be registering people to vote and watching the debate on the big screens. Party and be politico fab at the sme time!

> Eden's Lounge is hosting their weekly"Art of Seduction" tonight. Ladies are 2 for 1 until midnight...their calling it Menage A Trois: Edition. Yea...um...ok. Enter at your own risk.

>Afrikatalyst Art Exhibition- If you're not feeling the whole club in the rain thing check out the Maryland Art Place (8 Marketplace Suite 100) tonight from 6-9 p.m.The Art Exhibit that will define the Cultural Renaissance of this generation.

> The critically acclaimed Fire in the Belly is stopping thru Baltimore with the best that poetry performance has to offer! It's playing all weekend at the Creative Alliance of the Paterson (3134 Eastern Avenue)

> Book Lovers this weekend is also the Baltimore Book Festival! The Mid-Atlantic's premier celebration of the literary arts offers well-known authors,local bookstores, publishers, childrens writers, storytellers, author signings, crafts, refreshments and entertainment. The Baltimore Book Festival takes place at Mount Vernon Place (600 N. Charles)

>The lovely ladies of DST (my Sorors) will be hosting the Ebony Fashion Fair this Sunday at Morgan State University (2201 Argonne Drive). Tickets will be available at the door and the show begins "promptly" at 4 p.m. Tickets Range anywhere from $25-$50.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congressional Black Caucus Is Here

The CBC is in town and you know what that means, politicians and celebs everywhere. Although everything is going down in the District, I highly suggest you take the 25 minute (or so) drive to head down to all the events.

You already know DCFab! has all the info you need!

(Politico Fab, DCFab!, BmoreFab!, and HJ at Urban League)

Last night we checked out the Urban League, National Musuem of Women in the Arts, and the Young and Powerful for Obama events. Overall, we had a great time mingling with some of the most significant African American's in the country!

Pause: Obama on Soul Train

Ok, sike I don't know if that's him, but it could be!

Exclusive: Michelle Obama Tee 20% off

You know you want your exclusive Michelle Obama Tee! Click here for more info!

Lyle Kissack at the Minas Gallery

Head down to the Minas Gallery (815 W. 36th Street) to check out famous photographer Lyle Kissack exhibit. . Kissack creates his images by swinging a disposable camera in an arc, then altering the photographs by removing emulsion and adding ink drawings.

Whoa...if your into the arts I highly suggest you check it out!

Happy Hour at Gordon's Lounge

Hump day is over and the weekend is almost here! Tonight is Martini Thursdays @ Gordon's Lounge (1818 Maryland Ave).There's no cover from 6-9 p.m. and Martini's are only $4. Relax, Breath, Shake, ...Let it go. The weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chris Rock and Bill Clinton on David Letterman

I just thought this was funny...

SMH....at the Michael Vick comment. Oh America...

Spotted: Carmelo Anthony in Hawaii

Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony is still kickin it on an obviously long vacation in Hawaii with his girlfriend La La and son Kiyan. Too cute!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toni Braxton On Dancing With the Stars

In case you missed it, Maryland native Toni Braxton made her debut on Dancing with the Stars last night and she did great! Toni was diagnosed last year with Microvascular Angina.

Angina Pectoris is recurring acute chest pain or discomfort resulting from decreased blood supply to the heart muscle. Each day is a fight for her, but she sure didn't show any pain last night!

You Go Girl!

Spotted: Jazmine Sullivan in Arundel Mills

DCFab! Girl went to check out Jazmine Sullivan last night in Arundel Mills. Check out the recap on DCFab!

Know Your History: Voices of Lombard Street

One of the greatest things about Baltimore is the amazing history that we have. Check out the exhibition of Lombard street from 1900-today at the Jewish Musuem of Maryland (15 Lloyd Street).

This landmark original exhibition chronicles the Museum's East Baltimore neighborhood. Know your history and expand your knowledge!

Single's Night at Eden's Lounge

Sick of staying home alone? Man, boo, jump-off getting on your nerves? Well head down to Eden's Lounge (15 W. Eager St.) on Wednesday night. Ladies your free all night long and there will be "lots" of single men for you to mingle with, well we hope so anyway.

If you don't see anyone who fits what your looking for, just hang by the bar, you can't go wrong with the $2 all night long cosmo specials!

Audition to be apart of Envy

You're still in the running to be...America's Next Top Model. Ok, I'm kidding, however Mosaic is looking for the flyest young women in Baltimore to audition today and tomorrow for the upcoming fashion show Envy. Project Runway Winner Jeffrey Seblia is hosting!

RSVP here to attend the auditon. It's happening at 4 MarketPlace Baltimore...9/23 and 9/24 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baltimore Mural Program

Hey aspiring artist did you know that Mayor Shelia Dixon recently created a Baltimore City Mural Program?

This initiative will decorate Baltimore City with 20 new murals this year. As part of the Cleaner, Greener Baltimore program, the city is partnering with neighborhood groups, community organizations, artists and corporations for CityPaint 2008.

Hot! Contact the Mayors office at (410) 396-3835 for more info.


The most important presidential election in our Nation's History is only 42 days away and I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do vote. I'm not telling you who to vote for, but I am asking you to VOTE! Excersise your right that so many people fought for us to have.

Start by going to voteforchange.com !!
Be Apart of History!

City Councilman Kenneth Harris Murdered

I heard the news about City Councilman Kenneth Harris being murdered yesterday and I must say I was absolutely shocked.

We have to do better Baltimore! Read the article here about this unfortunate story.
Ok, I'm not going to pretend I know everything about football, however I do know that the Ravens had a great game against the Clevland Browns last night! If you missed it, click here to read about it.

Ray Lewis will be hosting the "Official Post Game Party" at Ray's Full Moon (2400 Boston Street) tonight and he wants you to dress to impress!

They wll also have:

** Sponsored by COORS LIGHT***
Kitchen open until 1am*$5 martinis until 11pm
*Live Photography*Coors Light Models with giveaways*
Table reservations for VIP available

$5 martinis, NFL Players, and giveaways...sounds like a good time and a groupies dream!:)

Check it out!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making the Band 4: Q Meets Dawn's Parents in Baltimore

For all those who missed MTB4 last week, Q met Dawn's parents....in Bmore!!! This episode was taped at Houlihan's @ the harbor.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politico Fab: Sarah Palin, The Great White Hope

I sat on my sofa in my living room and a sudden sense of dread washed over me. "The GOP is going to take the White House in January". I was watching Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin's acceptance speech and I couldn't help but notice how excited the crowd was.

She almost didn't get a word in before the throngs of supporters rose up in a deafening cheer. Here was this middle-aged, somewhat attractive, fresh-faced mother of five throwing punches at the Democratic superstar, Barack Obama.

I wanted to vomit.

She mocked his memoirs, his time as a community organizer and she spit on his ambitious tax cut plan aimed at for once-helping the struggling middle class--a class that I know firsthand is carrying this country on its backs.

But it seemed, judging from the audience, the GOP might have employed a fast-acting formula that was working to knock some wind from Obama's campaign.

surely did have the bark of a pitbull-with or without the lipstick. But that's about where it ended for the small town Mayor turned GOP saviour (not).

It was blatantly obvious in Charlie Gibson's first interview with Palin that she was in-fact all bark and no bite. She knew nothing about foreign policy, she stammered her way through the entire interview with catch phrases like "hell-bent on destroying our nation", a rhetoric that rings oddly familiar with that of President Bush after 9/11. What's most startling is that even if as a politician, you were scant on details of say, the Bush doctrine, you should at the very least be able to articulate how this country should move forward in international diplomacy.

I mean honestly, before you accepted McCain's offer you should have really thought long and hard--am I qualified? In what direction do I think this country should move with respect to George and South Ossetia? or Israel and Palestine? or India and Pakistan? or Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

Despite all this--despite a blaring lack of knowledge surrounding foreign policy, despite an archaic view of abortion, despite her reluctance to attribute global warming to mankind, despite her flip flopping and lack of executive experience--the GOP still stands fairly united that this hockey mom is the answer to their swing states and those pesky blue collar voters.

And somewhere in the depths of my mind, I am fully aware that this country no matter how "fair" we make ourselves out to be; we'd never vote for a Harvard-educated, community-organizing, God-fearing, family-loving black man over a former sports anchor, NRA, gun-toting, moose-eating, hockey mom.

You can play the "Palin is down-to-earth" card with me, but if the credentials were reversed do you think America would be standing behind Obama, touting him as a regular-guy with good values who deserves to be in the White House? I think not.

Qualified or not, the GOP found it's star, no matter how dim-witted she might be. They'll protect her, fawn over her and use much more articulate surrogates to speak on her behalf until they're finished cramming her head with years worth of vice-presidential know-how. The kicker is--it doesn't even matter if she pulls it off or not, because she is the GOP's great white hope and I hope I'm wrong.

Just one question: What if she was a black woman running for one of the highest offices in the U.S....and she had a teenage daughter who was pregnant and she had said all these things about...a white man?

My point exactly.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

* SPOTTED * | Carmelo Anthony in NYC

Baltimore native, Carmelo Anthony, attended LeBron James' Family Foundation Cocktail Party @ the Ralph Lauren Store in NYC, with boo, LaLa. Uhhh why isn't she "Mrs. Anthony" yet?!? I'm just saying...when is enuff, enuff???

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Backstage with Lloyd, Trey Songz and The Dream

Last night, the Young & Sexy Back to School Tour swept through Baltimore's First Mariner Arena, bringing such artists like Young Berg, Ray J, Trey Songz, Lloyd and The Dream. With a hardly filled arena (blame the weather or the economy), many of the young artists took their shirts off and tried to make adolescent girls in the audience out scream each other...

During the middle of the concert, we slid backstage to talk to some of our favorite artists (Shout out to Kim who got me the hookup!).  Trey Songz had his entire entourage in his dressing room when we went to chat with him; not to mention his room smelled like old butt with dudes smoking up across the room and an empty bottle of Patron on the table.

Not the warmest kid, Trey seemed to have an attitude with just about everyone, even yelling to the dressing room, "Can't y'all see I'm doing an interview?", when it got too loud. However, when the interview was over he did warm up by flirting...badly. He tells me, "You know, you smell like champagne." Okay...

We also spotted The Dream backstage who had the most thorough security guard ever...but he did let me snag a pic! :) 

Lloyd was the most professional and humble of them all. Complete with a cute kid sidekick, Lloyd shared how he was voting for Obama because after checking out both sides, Obama seemed the most sincere about changing the country. He told of Michael Jackson being a musical influence and that he'd never cut his braids...at least not in the near future.

Kim, a freelance writer, Lloyd and DC Fab! Girl Joi-Marie

The Young & Sexy Back to School Tour needed a couple of things: more people, less roadies (like Can Do of "I Want to Work for Diddy" who was spotted backstage) and more artists like Lloyd. :)

Stay fab!