Friday, December 28, 2007

NYE 2008 | Chrisette Michele at Sonar

Thank you Bilal Ali Productions for bringing Chrisette Michele to Baltimore! Chrisette is one of my absolute favs and she's ringing in the New Year in Charm City.

She'll be at Sonar (407 E. Saratoga St.). Never been there so venture for yourself...but Chrisette will be there!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Eve in Baltimore | Club Taste | Vin

So you want to celebrate your New Year's in style? Well...for our 18 and over crew, The Flyy Society has something for you at Club Taste (4314 Curtis Ave.). This party is the cheapest I've seen on NYE with ladies in FREE before 11 PM. That means everybody and their mother's brother will be in the building so get there early. Fellas are $10 before 11.

Oh yea, they'll be popped bottles because a bottle of Mo is only $90. Have fun kiddies!


And one of my biggest fans, AJ along with RS Entertainment are celebrating New Year's on the East side at Vin (One E. Joppa Rd.)

With DJ P Drama (I heard he keeps the party poppin') and only $25 to get in the door (if you get tickets in advance) RS Ent. promises a G&S time (that's grown and sexy for those who don't know).

For tickets click here.

More to come!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kool Kidz Appreciate You at Eden's Lounge

One of our favorites, The Kool Kidz wants to appreciate us! At Eden's Lounge (15 W. Eager St) extend that Holiday spirit by partying with Floyd, Kian and S. Breezey.

Their last party at Red Maple was packed and off the chain so make sure you get their early...especially if you want to get your drink without spilling it.

Go to Eden's, Thursday night after 10:30 PM.
Oh yea, the password is: The Kool Kidz.

(Photo: Floyd, Kian and Sean Breeze of The Kool Kidz)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Recap: Christmas Eve at Red Maple

Tis the season to be jolly... and there were definitely A LOT of jolly people in Red Maple (930 N Charles Street) last night for the "The Gift" presented by The Kool Kidz.

Although the party was called "The Gift" and gift bags were seen, I received no gift...except maybe the free sample sitting on the table. How am I supposed to re-gift that?? ;)

Maybe I missed the gift-giving because I was too busy jamming to DJ Lil' Mic on the 1's and 2's (Thanks for the shout out! Fab Empire all day baby)

Champagne poppin', wine tasting, and liquor spilling! This party was definitely a success! The club was packed to capacity but most people didn't seem to mind. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit! Speaking of Christmas spirit, I think I saw chestnuts roasting on the open fire that kept the place too toasty. (Somebody open a window!)

The hood dudes didn't look so hood thanks to Sean Breeze's strict dress code. But there are always a few who slip through the cracks (see not Fab! below)
If you missed it...Here are the highlights!

Red Maple was ready for Christmas with their decorations...peep the garland, wreath and the lights.

Peep the fireplace! Bump grown, that's just plain sexy!

(Photo: DJ Lil Mic on the 1s and 2s)

DJ Lil Mic with BmoreFab! Girl

Dancin' on tables and such...

Let's see who got Fab!

Floyd got Fab!

Breezey got Fab!

Um....Chinkilla' was not Fab!

Fab! Chick got Fab!

Euro got Fab!

NYFab! Girl stays Fab!

Merry Christmas y'all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Concerts in 2008: Wu-Tang | Wyclef | Chris Rock | Tracy Morgan

In case you're like me and like to plan ahead, check out the concerts coming up in 2008:Yes, yes y'all...dem boys will be at Rams Head Live! (20 Market Place) on January 9. Tickets are $50. Click here if you want some.

A week later on the 17th, Rams Head is bringing Wyclef with Lyfe Jennings. I could do without Lyfe but you don't want to miss a performance by Wyclef. I saw him in high school and it is still the best performance I've ever seen (sorry Beyonce!) Click here for tickets.

In February at the good ole' Lyric Opera House (1404 Maryland Ave.) funny man Chris Rock will be on his No Apologies Tour. He's coming to Bmore on Feb. 9; tickets go on sale Saturday, Dec. 22.

And if you're willing to make that drive, Tracy Morgan is coming to GWU's Lisner Auditorium (730 21st St. NW) on March 1. Mark your calendars! Tickets are $30 and you can buy them now.

Oh yea, and don't act like you heard it somewhere else first! ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saturday at Xanadu | Sunday at Red Maple

So everyone is getting in the holiday spirit around Baltimore and Xanadu (10. S Calvert St) on Saturday is no different. With Konan and KIS hosting, they have over $1000 (A G?!) in cash and prizes. I know that's right! You can easily get a gift here and re-gift it and give it to someone else...

They are also giving away free kisses (uhhhh) from KIS Models...I'm sorry but with diseases and sickness going around this winter season this may not be the best idea...sounds like too many fluids.


Speaking of re-gifting, The Kool Kidz presents "The Gift" at Red Maple (930 N Charles Street ) on Sunday night, Dec. 23.

They'll be giving out Sean Jean Unforgivable (has anyone smelled this?! Does it smell good??) to all the ladies. I'll take three; one for me, my momma and my sis!! ;) Thanks Floyd!

Oh yea...beware, they have a dress code that leaves even me confused. Just be really, really fly...or email Sean Breeze ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Coming to Baltimore Jan. 27 at Sonar!!

Don't pretend you heard it somewhere else first...your boy Lupe is back with his second album entitled "The Cool". It came out yesterday, Dec. 18 and he's giving us a lot with this one, 18 tracks ...somebody's been working!


You can also catch him at Sonar (407 E. Saratoga) on January 27...this was JUST CONFIRMED! You heard it here first.

Monday, December 17, 2007

R.I.P. Lil Mama's mom | Tyra Kirkland

The Fab Family has to send prayers up for Lil Mama, who was recently interviewed by Fab correspondent, Kim Wilson (click here to read). Lil Mama, whose real name is Niatia Kirkland suffered the loss of her mother, Tyra.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and lost that battle last Saturday while Lil Mama was performing in Atlanta. When she recieved news of her mother's passing, she returned to NY to be with her family.
Peace and blessings to you, Lil Mama and your family.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recap: Saturday Nights at Xanadu

Most normal people were deterred by the wind and the rain Saturday night. But a few of us crazy partyers still wanted to go out. I was at Xanadu (10 S. Calvert Street) celebrating my friend Adriene's birthday.

I must say, Xanadu needs to do a little bit more than stringing some old Christmas lights on the railing to get in the Holiday spirit, but DJ Rod Madd-Flava and Nikki from 92Q did a great job getting people in the mood.

The drinks are strong and EXPENSIVE ($14 for my beloved apple martini!) but at least when you left you were warm enough that the rain didn't bother you.

VIP areas offer bottle service.

With many flat screen TVs, this place is great for watching the game...
(not saying anyone wants to watch the Ravens play...they suck!)

Peep the dingy Christmas lights on the right side...

Your girl with Conan from 92Q!

Your girl with DJ Rod Madd-Flava
("I'm in the booth taking pictures with the DJ!")

One of my sorors, Nikki from 92Q.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going Out? Xanadu Thursdays | Eden's Lounge

If you're crazy and want to go out tonight (it's really too cold for all of this but whatever) then head down to Xanadu (10 S. Calvert Street). Ladies in free before 11 and they have drink specials...although the bartenders be rude in there (at least that's what a source told me!)


And one of my favorites, Eden's Lounge (15 W. Eager Street) is hosting the 2nd Annual Toy Clothing and Food Drive. To get in you must bring a toy, clothing (new only) and non-perishable food items. All donations will go to A Place for Children & Social Service Administration. That's wassup!

Oh yea, get there early this event only lasts until 9 PM. People gotta' work in the morning.

Recap: Trey Songs at Stadio | Styles P at Xanadu

Styles P came through Xanadu (10 S. Calvert St) last week to promote his latest album, Super Gangster. To see's review of the album click here.

Remember we told you about Trey Songs coming to Stadio? Here are some pictures from his performance...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BmoreFab Exclusive: An Interview with Lil Mama

Baltimore was “poppin” Sunday night as Lil' Mama blazed the stage of the Up Close & Personal Tour featuring Chris Brown
an exclusive interview by Fab Correspondent, Kim Wilson

Fab Correspondent, Kim sitting down with Lil Mama backstage

18 year old, Lil’ Mama sat down with our Fab correspondent, Kim before the show in Baltimore to discuss her upcoming album, Voice of the Young People (due in stores 2008), her musical influences growing up in New York (Brooklyn & Harlem) and her desire to express female empowerment through her lyrics.

“My music is basically just giving my opinion on how I look at the way we [women] should move about in life. Period...whatever happened to it just being about you? Whatever happened to it being about being ambitious and being positive and going out getting your own money and not even worrying about a man? If you want a man later on, if you choose to have him that’s your choice. If there are women out there that agree with me, they are going to get into my music and feel me.”

Lil Mama’s aggressive feminine energy was obvious as she tore up the stage, shouting “Mac/Mac LoReal, YUP cause I’m worth it/…WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT ME?!”

Additional performances from the evening included Shop Boyz, Hurricane Chris, Grammy nominated Souljah Boy and the crowd favorite Chris Brown.

Unfortunately, Bow Wow was not on this tour date after being rushed to the hospital as a result of an appendix infection. Maybe we’ll catch him when the tour comes back to the DC area on the 22nd!

More pics from the concert below:

Souljah Boy Tell 'Em

Sexy Chris Breezy!

Kim with Lil Mama

You can also check out more from Kim at

Stay fab y'all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flywire's Fire and Ice Ball...Location announced!

So, the Flywire's Social Butterfly finally announced where their Fire and Ice Holiday Ball will be located. (Chick was mad rude when I asked where it was gon' be located...since they said they'd announce the location days ago...whatevs)

It's at the Scottish Rites Masonic Temple (3800 N. Charles Street). Sounds mad sketchy but look at the pic below. It's gorgeous!

For tickets click here.

Anyway, check out the video from The Flywire Magazine's 2nd Anniversary Party Ocean Drive:

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Fire and Ice Ball hosted by Social Butterfly

This Saturday, Flywire is having it's Third Annual VIP Holiday Celebration at a secret location on Saturday, Dec. 15 from 6 PM to 11 PM.

Tickets are an expensive $55 dollars (don't they know people have Christmas shopping to do!!!) and the attire is 'funky formal' meaning cocktail dresses and suits. Still, $55 gets you an open bar sponsored by Diageo and others, including sounds from my friend, DJ Lil Mic and The Franchise Jay Claxton.

If you're trying to party with the grown and fab, click here for tickets and more info!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Red Ink....Live in Concert 12/8/07

Tired of doing the same thing every weekend? Looking for something Fresh, Fun, and Fab to do this weekend????

Red Ink, an urban rock band coming out of DC, will be performing this Saturday 12/8/07 at the Velvet Lounge (915 U St NW Washington DC 20001).
Show starts at 11pm
Admission $7

Yes, my beloved Baltimore .... I said DC, but please believe the drive will be well worth it. Would I put you on to anything thats less than fab???? Of course not! :-)

Red Ink is a fresh, funky, fun and fab band pulling strong musical influences
from several genres including r&b, soul, hip-hop, and reggae.

To read more about Red Ink click here!
You can even hear some of their songs!

Trey Songz Live in Concert This Friday!

Can't help but wait....for this weekend??? Well Ikon Entertainment and Samos Clothing Company present Trey Songz Live in Concert at Stadio (200 E Redwood Street) December 7, 2007. The event will be a guaranteed way to spice up your snow dusted weekend.

Limited Advanced Tickets Available
$20 General Admission/ VIP $40
More At the Door
Tickets on sale at:
DTLR, USA Boutique, Samos East and Wesy, Top Notch Boutique, Industry Standards

Toys for Tots

You can't be fabulous without giving back this holiday season. Toys for Tots is doing their annual collection of toys for worthy kids in the Baltimore area. Be the bright spot in a child's holiday season. There are tons of drop-off locations for your convenience. Click the link below to find a location near you.

Remember it is better to give than to receive...
Stop being greedy...give to the needy! ;)

RECAP: 92Q's Baltimore's Next HOT Model

Earlier this week, Abimola Kusimo (the one with the two-toned 'fro) won the title of Baltimore's Next Hot Model. Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?...yea, she not cute.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Recap: Eye Candy

This party should have been called, "The Kool Kidz Present:Equal Opportunity Ballin'" because The Kool Kidz attempted to make everyone a baller at their party Eye Candy.

Complete with video vixens like Gloria Velez, football players and discounted White Star Moet ($75 a bottle), this party gave every broke down or just plain broke negro and opportunity to stunt.

The only person who wasn't ballin' like the rest of them was the DJ but otherwise this party seemed like a winner. Pics below:

The Kool Kidz with Gloria Velez

Not ballin'.

Recap: Lights Out at Eden's Lounge

DCFab! Girl here: I forgot about the Light's Out party in Baltimore when I ended up at Eden's Lounge (15 West Eager St.) last Thursday...I actually went to chill with my cousins and have some drinks after a long funeral...We enjoyed each other's company in the back lounge area while watching the game.

I've decided Eden's is the perfect place to come with many friends, to have martini's (especially if you come during happy hour because drinks are two for one) and relax! The music was way off the entire night and...

I don't even want to mention the fashion show...I don't even know if I can call that fashion, more like a show. Everyone had on wife beaters and jeans...I guess the fashion was left to the imagination.

Paparazzi gon' get you...I'm in the yellow.

Sean Breeze was in the building.

Mike Love, is that you?