Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Orioles Slaughter the Yankees

Would you ever imagine that you'd see a headline like this? Well you better believe it. The Baltimore Orioles have dominated the New York Yankees for two days in a row.  

The Orioles slaughtered the Yankees on Monday with a 13-4 final score and were victorious last night by pulling off a 7-6 win. Currently, the Orioles are in last place amongst the American league East but lets see if they call pull of another win and humiliate the Yankees yet again. Go Orioles!

Monday, July 28, 2008

DJ Scottie B. Video for Karmaloop TV

The legendary Baltimore Club Music pioneer DJ Scottie B. took Karmaloop TV on a tour of Charm City, from the studio, the boutiques, the clubs, and of course the streets. For those who have been living under a rock, Scottie B. is regarded as one of the founding fathers our beloved Baltimore Club Music (not House or Techno). I've done my own research and saw that DJ Scottie B. may not be as legit as others claim him to be. Apparently, him and his crew stole some music from four well-known DJ's in the Bmore area. (Sorry but I' not dropping names). It is without a doubt that he was and continues to be a leader in the Baltimore Club Sector but there may be some question as to how he got there. Well enjoy the video! I'm sure you'll recognize a few landmarks.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Addiction Mondays at Red Maple |7.28.08

It's Monday!  Not just your average's a summer Monday. That means that it is ok to go out and let loose. Red Maple located at 930 Charles St. is the place to be if you're in that summer Monday mood.  Join DJ K.I., Trix, and Lucid Promotions as they bring you Addiction each and every Monday night. If it's your birthday then you're in luck. Why? Well I won't keep it a secret any longer. You get a bottle for free!!! A bottle of what- I dunno but who cares? It's free. If it ain't your birthday then you must arrive early because drink specials are over at 11:00 so lets hope that cover is cheap! See you there, and for those who won't be there...I will recap it for ya!

Disney is Coming to Town!!!

Yea for Disney!!! 

Are the little ones in your life familiar with the Music Block Party Tour? Well if not, it's coming to Columbia, MD on Tuesday, July 29 - Wednesday, July 30 at Merriweather Post Pavillion.  

Doors open at 2:30 pm and close 8:00 pm. There will be plenty of games, toys, arts & crafts, and dancing for the entire family! The tour is hosted by Disney's favorite sista, Raven-Symone. Featured acts include Choo Choo Soul, Ralph's World and more. 

If you want tickets or more information for this event click here.

Sisqo Spotted in ATL

What ever happened to Sisqo? He was doing his thing for a know with the blonde hair followed by the awful platinum. He is Bmore's favorite homeboy so I won't fry him too much but I'll tell you where he's been. 

Sisqo has been partying it up with...Keith Sweat? Apparently, the duo have been spotted partying it up in Pure Night Club (Altanta) a couple days ago. 

To all of Sisqo's adoring fans, word on the street is that he's working on his third solo album! I ain't gonna lie I bought the first one and fell off on the second (I digress so much)! P.S. Sisqo is not looking fab in this photo. (Photo Credit)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grown Folks Fab | Coco's Butter Cafe

Have a craving for chocolate? Or wine? Or maybe some smooth jazz??? 

Well there's a place where you can find all three: Coco's Butter Cafe (7361 Assateague Drive) in Columbia. For $15, experience all three delights while enjoying the one you luv (or a boo...slide...or whateva you're into but I think this is a place to take the wifey). 

Click here for times and more information...

Food Fab | Baltimore's Summer Restaurant Week

Baltimore's Summer Restaurant Week jumps off this Saturday (7.26.08) and lasts until next Sunday (8.3.08). From personal experience, I must say that restaurant week is the perfect opportunity to eat at those ridiculously over-priced restaurants that you couldn't normally afford. 

Some participating restaurants are Aldo's Ristorante Italiano, Babalu Grill and Ruth's Chris Steak House at Pier 5. 

You can enjoy a three course lunch for $20.08 or a three  course dinner for $30.08. Some restaurants are even including wine tastings and cooking classes. Also, certain parking garages are offering specials ranging from $3-$7 so you can stay a don't havta run back to put money in the meter! 

This is actually one of my favorite (and fab!) events in Bmore! I just like to be able to say, "I've been there," even if the food wasn't good (yes, I'm slightly superficial but who cares?!? lol)

Click here for a complete rundown of all participating restaurants with menu details.

p.s. I think it's funny that all my favorite party spots are included in restaurant week :) (ie: Xanadu, Red Maple, VIN etc.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funeral Arrangements for K-Swift

Our "Club Queen" is being laid to rest this week, and for all of those who would like to personally show support to her family, here are the following funeral arrangements:

Thursday, July 24th
Viewing: 3pm – 8pm
Joseph Brown Funeral Home
2140 N. Fulton Avenue Baltimore, MD 21217

Friday, July 25th
Viewing: 2pm – 6pm
Wake Services: 6pm – 8pm
New Shiloh Baptist Church
2100 North Monroe Street Baltimore, MD 21217

Saturday, July 26th
Wake Services: 10am
Funeral Services: 11am
Morgan State University – Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center

Burial Services will be held at:
Loudon Park Cemetery
3620 Wilkens AvenueBaltimore, MD 21229

Flowers can be sent to:
Morgan State University – Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center

2201 Argonne Drive Baltimore, MD 21251

Information Courtesy of The Flywire

Legends of Hip Hop Tour Stops in Bmore

If you're like me, you already know that music aint the way it used to be... People talkin about Bust It Baby, Lookin' Boy, Girls Standing in Line for the Bathroom, etc. (granted I luv all these songs but thats not the point! lol)

The point is that if you are a true Hip Hop head and appreciate those who came before Plies, Joc and others, then The Legends of Hip Hop Tour is for you...

On Saturday (8.16.08) at 5:30 pm, come out to Pier Six Concert Pavilion to witness Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Slick Rick, Whodini, & Doug E. Fresh rip the stage with our favorite hip hop classics.

Tickets range from ~$27-$87 so click here to purchase and/or get more info.

Delta Sigma Theta's Eastern Regional Conference 2009 to be Held in Baltimore

I said my Sorors...yall lookin gooooooooodddd today! (awww remember line sistas?!?!)

So yes, hot off the has been announced that the 47th Eastern Regional Conference of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Innnnncccccorporated will be held in Baltimore. If you're wondering, this is a major deal because each Delta conference not only brings out MY lovely sorors, but other prominent figures nationwide.

This deserves a special Oo-oop Bmore!!! Watch out for us devastating divas as we invade Charm City with our "oh soooo meannnn" crimson 'n' creme! :)

Watch a video below from our Regional Director, Wendy J. Johnson:

92Q & K-Swift's Mother Remember Her Legacy

Watch this video as K-Swift's mother talks about her daughter's legacy at a vigil held in Bmore by 92Q.

Monday, July 21, 2008

R.I.P. DJ K-Swift

This is an extremely sad day for the hip-hop community, particularly the city of Baltimore. Our beloved DJ K-Swift passed away early this morning due to causes that are still in speculation. The family has refrained from answering specific questions as to the exact cause of death, but stay tuned for any updates.
Khia "K-Swift" Edgerton has set the standard in Bmore, the East Coast, and all women who strive to do what most people regard as a "man's job." I especially respected K-Swift for putting female DJ's on the map.

Our sources at 92Q have let us know that there will be no on-air personalities for the rest of the day as the 92Q crew spends their time airing their memories of K-Swift.

We at The Fab Empire, especially BmoreFab! send our condolescenes to K-Swift's family and we ask our readers to leave as many comments and/or memories that you can as we keep Swift's memory alive! Click here to read her biography...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nas Discusses New Album on 92Q's Rap Attack

I love NaS fyi...he is literally is the reason I love NY dudes to this day (although someone is acting up so I may change cities lol...I'm so serious tho). But for now, I'm calling all dudes that sound like NaS...leave me a comment withca numba LOL

Anyhoo, click here to check out NaS as he speaks on the new album on 92Q's Rap Attack.

Neke from 92Q Interviews Carmello Anthony

Check out the interview with Neke (my soror...Oo-oop!) and Carmello as they chat it up...I wish she woulda asked details about why he still won't marry Lala....

TI Does Community Service in Bmore

Looks like TI is tryin' to show the judge he's sorry...check him out doing service in streets of Bmore...

Patti Labelle Comes to the Pier Six Pavilion

(Photo Credit)
So it looks like Bmore is really showin' off this summer with the oldies but goodies...first Gladys Knight...then Anita Baker...and now Patti Labelle!
Yes Bmore...come out to the Pier Six Concert Pavilion on Saturday (9.6.08) @ 7:30pm to see this diva live in concert! The Chesapeake Urology Foundation presents Patti Labelle for one night only in Charm City,so if you're fan (and/or you were conceived due to Patts), you should prolly make your way to the pier.

Sidenote: I'm mad that her tickets range from $55-175. Like Anita, I love Patti but these ticket prices are getting out of hand. Patti hasnt had a #1 hit in over a decade....Although I still listen to "Somebody Loves You Baby" cause Plies has the remix (lol...I'm mad Patti approved it. She must need money). Anyway, click here for ticket info.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Afram is over and now Bmore is ready for Artscape 2008. The festival is planned to take place Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th between Mt. Royal and Cathedral Streets. You can stop pass from anytime between 12pm-10pm on Friday and Saturday and 12pm-8pm on Sunday. Admission is absolutely and positively FREE! Slated to perform are Roberta Flack (for my old school), Mario (of course), The Wailers (for the reggae lovers), and Dru Hill w/Sisqo. Why in the world does the official Artscape website word it as such. Wasn't Sisqo a member of Dru Hill? Maybe some can let me know what that's all about! Hmm, I digress sometimes.

(Cute kid making arts and crafts @ Artscape 2007)
(photo credit)

There are so many activities including arts and crafts planned so moms and dads bring the kids! The weather forecast seems to be hot and hazy so please dress appropriately. That means sunscreen too! Oh yes, I almost forgot. Please leave your pets at home. Sorry to all you pet lovers but that's what the Artscape officials are asking. Have fun!!! I will be on a mini vaca so please update me with what was hot and what was not! If I didn't give you enough information, feel free to click here for more.

Exclusive Interview with Yahzarah aka Miss Purple St. James

Who is Yahzarah? Well if you don't know, you have been living under a rock! She is only one of the hottest female vocalists out!!! 

(Photographer Credit: Daria Johnson)

Your girl recently had the privilege of sitting down with Yahzarah aka Miss Purple St. James and would love to share it with Bmore. Yahzarah aka Miss Purple St. James, a DMV native, studied at the famous Duke Ellington School of Music in Washington D.C. and later found her way to to North Carolina Central University on a music scholarship. After college, Miss Purple St. James went on to perform with big names in the music industry and land a gig as a background singer for none other than the renowned Erykah Badu. She used that opportunity to catapult her own music career and might I say it's a breath of fresh air. Finally an artist who is sincere about her music and uses her talent to reach people beyond the mainstream. So now that you have a sense of who Yahzarah aka Miss Purple St. James is, let's get to the interview.

Many of your fans know you as Yahzarah, so could you explain the name change to Miss Purple St. James?

It's basically an alter ego that I created during the time when I was disillusioned with the business. I needed some inspiration and I was really about to quit. I was singing a lot of hooks for money and singing things that I didn't really want my name, Yahzarah, to be associated with. As time went on, she (Purple St. James) kinda became more me. She breathed new ideas and other creative energy into me. Currently, I'm working on a record inspired by the energy she gave me.

Who or what inspires your music?

Events, things that I've experienced and things that other people I know have experienced [have influenced my music as well as] growing up, the music in the church. I went to a nondenominational church and the choir director was from the holiness tradition. From his instruction is where a lot of the operatic parts of my voice come from. As I grew older I started to really listen to The Beetles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Chaka Khan and Tina Turner. I'm a hodge podge of a ton of different things.

Currently who is your favorite artist?

There are a few: Bilal Oliver, Eric Roberson and Cherise (a sister I saw in Chicago who has a voice that takes down fire) . My favorite artist is anybody who is doing something creative and is not contrived. I've got a guilty pleasure and his name is T-Pain. [I know he is so mainstream (BmoreFab! Chick)]. Mainstream is not the enemy, it's the lack of balance that's the enemy. If everyone was the same, we'd be in trouble. Look at me, I made a record that was globally accepted but stepped away from the form that I was doing before into a place where I thought I could be creative. Many fans ask, "Why can't you do what you were doing before"? I say because if I do that, I didn't grow. It's so unfair to ask me that.

(BmoreFab! Chick, Miss Purple St. James, Gypsy Soul Diva)

I can't help but notice your unique style. Is your style inspired by vintage labels or brand names?

I love it all. I call it extravagant couture. To me shoes are everything and I like classic cuts. I used to chop everything up and design for myself. I'm not a label whore. I like what looks good and feels good on me.

Finally, what makes you fabulous?

Well, my classic African beauty. My attention to detail and my love for common people like myself. That's my blessing and my curse and it does make me fabulous!

If you want to find out more about Miss Purple St. James you can check out her official website here or listen to her music here. Be on the lookout for a future article featuring Miss Purple St. James on in their October edition.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Humpday Relief | 7.16.08

It's Wednesday and we're half way through the week! I've got the perfect party for you...Huckas at The Genie Room (2324 Boston St.). Ladies are free before 11pm and there are 50 cent wings until the kitchen closes. More importantly, there are drink specials ALL night (so they say). Check it out! Oh yea, clearly you need to be fresh, fly, and fab! If you don't believe me, take a look at the flyer.

Mario Getting Nasty!

I don't know about you, but I remember when Mario came out in 2002 with "Just a Friend". 92.Q was on the radio broadcasting the video and what not...asking for all the young ladies to come out to be in the video. Now Bmore's own Mario has made it big! He's been seen partying in L.A. and New, York, performed on major awards shows, and has been viewed by millions on Dancing with the Stars.

Now he is taking off his clothes and grinding with ladies (maybe not ladies) on stage. I ain't gon lie...his body is looking good these days. But anyhoo c'mon Mario, must you resort to that? You are talented, there is no need!!! Yes, yes, yes, we all know that sex sells but isn't there another way? Bmore let me know...does every artist need to turn to sex to sell their albums? Feel free to comment below.

Monday, July 14, 2008

EO Entertainment at Red Maple

Watch how EO Entertainment parties on Sunday nights at Red Maple (930 N Charles St.). To find out more about EO Entertainment visit their website by clicking here

I like the video...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Plies in Bmore?

Who knew? Plies is coming to Bmore. Not that I am a fan or anything (he is one of the WORST rappers out there...that's my opinion only!!!), but some of you are so I gotta let you know who is coming to town. 

When is he coming? He 's scheduled to perform at Sonar (407 E. Saratoga St.) on Friday, August 1. 

If you are a fan and wish to purchase tickets then by all means click here. I know that this is one event that I will be sure to miss.

Eubie Blake Center | Fab! New Exibit

I've always been a fan of the arts; performing arts, visual arts you name it. I'm fascinated because I'm not so artistic myself. Enough about me... If you are a  fan of the arts like I am then I hope you're no stranger to the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center

There is a new exhibit called "Anti Art" featuring Victor Hugo Ordonez, an Equadorian self taught artist. It runs now until Saturday, August 23. This is the center's FIRST international arts exchange. Ordonez's art work deviates from the conservative ideals of his country and transcends into a more modern and abstract style. If you are interested in finding more information about this FAB! art exihibit then click here.

7.13.08 | Eden's Lounge Tonight

In the mood to go out tonight? Check out Eden's Lounge (15 W Eager St.) for Swagger Sundays. The night is hosted by 92.Q's Konan and music by DJs Kenny K, Rod Madd Flava, and Mike Philly. Sounds like its gonna be one heck of a party with all three DJs! 

Anyway its LADIES NIGHT...ladies you are free from 8pm-11pm so get there early. Who knows what ridiculous price they might be charging afterwards. There are drink specials til 10:30pm and dress to impress. No tennis or athletic wear please!

7.13.08 | Crabs and Coors Light

Did somebody say crabs? I haven't had any all summer!
 Azikiwe Deveaux is doing it big for his birthday so join him along with Events4GoodPeople and Coors Light for Crabs and Coors at Captain James Crab House (2127 Boston Street) from 5 pm- 9 pm. 

Cover is $40 for all you can eat crabs, corn on the cob, and Coors. For more information and tickets click here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recap | Bourgeoise Fridays at Timothy Deans

Everyone who has been to Timothy Dean's Bistro knows that its a great venue, furnished with a state of the art bar, lounge, restaurant, and dance floor. There is not too much to recap on this party other than it was poppin. Dj Infame had me dancing all night long! NO I wasn't sweating too bad this time (I wore that breathable material that I was telling you about last time). I think they turned the temp on the AC down. This may seem like a super wack recap but I honestly have nothing negative to say about the party!!!

(DJ Inflame, Floyd, Kian, and BmoreFab! Chick)

Recap| Fresh Fridays at Pur Ultra Lounge

Yesterday evening was my first outing to PUR Ultra Lounge on a Friday. The theme for the night was A Party with a Purpose. The purpose you ask...Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of the proceeds from the party went to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation and a local breast cancer survivor. Now to what you're all interested in - the party. So, my homegirl and I walk in and see bout six people on the first level so we go straight upstairs to see about hmmm twenty people. So...what they heck...we made our way to the bar. Usually the drinks at PUR are on point but this time they were a bit watered down. What's up with that? Everyone knows the entire glass does not need to be filled with ice!!! That makes me sooooo mad! Anyway...I figured it was early and more people would come as the night went on - and they did. We two-stepped up there for about two oldies but NOT goodies and called it quits. I really wasn't feelin DJ Greg the Hammer at all. I must say he did step it up toward the end of the night but still.

After the two step crusade, we ventured downstairs to the bar, where little cupcakes with sprinkles awaited us. I'll pass...cupcakes!!! Now some Hors d'oeuvres would've been great, but I guess I'm being extra. The crowd was definitely grown and sexy, and I mean GROWN LOL! My homegirl was definitely dancing with a guy who had gray hair in his beard and the guy who I was dancing with guessed I was born in the late 1980's. I also saw a couple Stellas in their getting their grooves back...I wonder will I be like that in my 30s? Hope not. Simply put, if you are looking for a chill spot for the 25 and older crowd and you're single then Pur on a Friday night is your place. Shout out to my special friend D.L.M. you know who you are....where were you??? Maybe we can meet up next time. Shout out to the bouncers for looking out...I appreciate it!

(Fab! Homegirl, BmoreFab! Chick)

Jerry Seinfeld Comes to Baltimore

Well maybe I'm the wrong person to talk about this with cause I wasnt the biggest "Seinfeld" fan, but most of my peoples are so I figured this would be of interest. Jerry Seinfeld is coming live to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on Saturday (9.6.08). There will be two tapings...7pm & 9:30pm. Tickets officially go on sale this Monday (7.14.08) at 10am and they range from $46.50-76.50 so make sure to get them early. Click here for tickets info....Andddd dont forget where you heard it first! (TFE of course lol)

7.13 | West Side Story

Come out to the Toby's Dinner Theatre at the Best Western Hotel (5625 O'Donnell St) this Sunday (7.13.08) to witness the award winning, "West Side Story." Remember that movie from the 60's? Its like a mix between Scarface and Romeo & Juliet..basically about two people falling in love from opposing NY gangs that ends in tragedy (click here if you're still confused lol). Tickets range from $32-$46, and are available for purchase through Ticket Master. Dont worry though...if you miss it this Sunday, its showing almost daily through August 24th so you have time :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's Fab! for the Rest of the Week?

Wednesday| 7.9.08

This event sounds right up my alley. Be one of the first to experience Mixology The Perfect Blend. It seems as though this happy hour/after party was created to help us make it through hump day. Beginning July 9th and every Wednesday thereafter (for the summer) Cibo's Bar and Grille located at 100 Painters Mill Rd. (that's in Owings Mills for those who dwell in the city) will be the hot spot for professional in the Owings Mills and surrounding areas. Why should you even bother? Well read this. There is no cover for happy hour. For the after party, ladies are $1 all night and the fellas are $10. Select appetizers are 1/2 off and martinis are $5!!! (thats for my DCFab! Girl). The dress code is only for the grown and sexy. They're not asking for you to be decked out but please, please, don't step out looking like you belong in a 92Q kiddie disco. NO athletic wear. Check em out!!!

Single? Are you ready to mingle? Don't be ashamed! Head over to Eden's Lounge located at 15 W. Eager St. Meet some of the sexiest singles in the city. I see the party will be hosted by DJ Tanz and Gary Gray...I wonder if that's the same Gary I went to high school (BPI) with. Anyway, the specials for the night are... ladies free all night, fellas $10 after 9pm, 2 for 1 specials during happy hour, and $2 drink specials for ladies. Head out to Eden's Lounge on Wednesday, you never know what can happen....
Thursday| 7.10.08

This event sounds unusual but I'm not knocking it. We all need to do something eccentric every once in a a little. Tomorrow check out Live Standup @ The Movies at AMC Loews Valley Center 9 located at 9616 Reisterstown Rd Featuring Donnell Rawlings (Ashy Larry). Doors open @ 7pm and the show begins at 7:30pm. The cost is $25 for General Admission & VIP is Available (not sure why you need this but its available). Please note that there will be prizes and giveaways. If you're interested you can find out more or to purchase tickets click here. NOTICE: No tickets will be sold at the door.

Celebrate with the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for their Centennial Celebration! Party at PUR Lounge at 2322 Boston St. All AKAs free before 10:30...(Deltas in free too? LOL )

Friday| 7.11.08

The Flywire and Jay Claxton presents Social Status happy hour. If you are looking for a place to unwind after a long work week near the city-county line, this is where you should be. The venue is Pejus Lounge located at 1724 Woodlawn Drive. This lounge is a black owned West African and Caribbean restaurant so show your support for our businesses. There is catch, happy hour is not free. There is a $10 cover BUT free with this flyer (so print it now). Cover includes free rail drinks until 8pm and free dinner? (I would take some snacks just in case).

Later on in the evening at the same venue, TFP Entertainment joins the list of host from happy hour to present PREVE the after party. Ladies only pay $1 before 11pm (no, I am not missing a's really $1) as well as an all you can eat buffet beginning at 7. Sounds like a Fab! experience.

Friday night at Timothy Deans located at 1717 Eastern Ave. (you already knew that) is the place to be. It's the official birthday celebration for one of BmoreFab!'s favorite...AZIKIWE DEVEAUX. Ladies are 1/2 price all night, drinks specials all night, and my fav Dj Infame will be "orchestrating" the music. Attire for this elite crowd is summer black (Floyd with these clever names). Can Kian and Floyd pull off another great party? Stay tuned for a recap.

Saturday| 7.12.08

Carmelo Anthony's Hood Movement Basketball Tournament is from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday at Cloverdale Courts. (The famous basketballs court near Mondawmin Mall and Druid Hill Park). There will be celebrity appearances, rides and games. Great way to give back Melo! Stay tuned, I will have more info by the end of the week!!!

Read my review of the party from last week, however I will preface the party with this:

Great Venue
Great People
Great Food
Great Drinks
Fab! Time

Until next time...STAY FAB!