Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eye Candy This Friday!!!!!

Looking for a way to jump start your weekend??? Well...The Kool Kidz and G'Love Ntam Ent present Eye Candy "The Video Vixen Edition" ! Going down this Friday, Nov. 30 at Stadio formally called Redwood Trust (300 E Redwood Street).

The party will be hosted by Gloria Velez Safaa, Anika, and from the pages of XXL Tara (DJ Reddz Half Man Half Amazin will be on the 1's & 2's).

The last time The Kool Kidz were at Stadio it was a sold out event (can we say people dancing on speakers...umm NOT fab but definitely Bmore) so early arrival is a must!

There is a strict dress code for this party enforced by the fashion police himself, Sean Breeze.

Rep Ur City at Sonar Tonight

Our favorite college promoters, The Union is throwing Rep Ur City tonight at Sonar (407 E. Saratoga Street). It sounds like a lot of fun with three rooms playing hip-hop (DJ KI will be on the 1s and 2s...he still hasn't impressed me but we'll see), go-go and Baltimore Club and finally a reggae room.

And did I hear Mambo Sauce may be in the building?! Stop it! (I've been in DC too long!)

The "sexiest" lady reppin' her city gets $500 so if you want to get momma and dem some bombin' Christmas gifts, you better get here! Also, the best dressed guy gets $ you can't beat that!

It's getting chilly out there and they do have a coat check, which is more than I can say for Red Maple last Sunday.

Flyy Society Presents...

The Flyy Society perhaps has come up with the longest party title in partying history, Start With Straight Shots and Then Pop Bottles (whew! I was tired from just typing that).

Anyway, they'll be parting at Club Taste (4314 Curtis Ave.). The dress code is stylish BUT it's an 18+ joint and you only need a college ID to something is telling me that this maybe a hood look.

Go see for yourself!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Recap: Urban Holiday Fashion Show and Afterparty

If you were tired from partying all Thanksgiving break then you might've missed Urban Holiday, the fashion show and after party held at Xanadu (10 S. Calvert Street).

Hosted by Floyd and Kian of The Kool Kidz along with Jazzy, the party was ...well let's just say, Urban Holiday is right...cuz that party was definitellllllly URBAN. Despite it being overcrowded and the rude bartenders, the DJ was rockin' on the 1s and 2s.

Shout out to a nice young man named Quentell (sp?) with the fly scarf (dressing for the weather) from School Yard Entertainment

But just in case you missed it, here are the highlights:

Recap: The Kool Kidz Holiday Party

It's BmoreFab! Girl coming at you, giving you all the latest in Baltimore nightlife. Let's get right to it:

Last Thursday, Nov. 22, The Kool Kidz did it again with their Thanksgiving Holiday Party. Complete with dessert (sweet potato pie, how ghetto is that?), the Kool Kidz brought out the more sophisticated crowd in Baltimore.

Thanks to Sean Breeze's strict dress code and newsletter informing everyone of the correct attire (although I heard people were slippin' in the doors with Timbs on) Baltimore stepped it up in a huge way.

Is this the new trend in Baltimore nightlife? I hope so (except trench coat man with too small sweater...unacceptable, NOT fab!).


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