Friday, May 30, 2008

5.31 | Bits & Pieces

Steady Baltimore Presents...Bits 'n' Pieces..."A Street Art Exhibit" this Saturday (5.31.08) from 7p-2a. Besides aerosol imagery from a selection of artists, DJ Stretch will be on the 1's and 2's spinning break beats, club, and hip hop. This event takes place at Rockstar Showrooms (515 Cathedral St.). Click here for more info and/or email the coordinators at

I'm feelin' this Bmore...come get educated in the arts :)

Sex & the City Movie Times + Locations

I know this is a fab day for all my ladies (and gents...remember I dont judge) who absolutely luvvvv Sex & the City so I decided to do us all a favor. If you click here, you can see all the showtimes for the movie that comes out today!
Yes, thanks needed. Just remember WHO brought this to you first!
Stay fab! and enjoy the flick!!!

Rock the Bells Festival Series 2008

Come out to Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sunday (7.27.08) for the Annual Rock the Bells Festival Series. This is sure to be a great concert cuz look who's scheduled to appear: A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, The Pharcyde, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man & Redman, Raekwon & Ghostface, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Murs, Spankrock, Wale, Santogold, Jay Electronica, B.O.B., Kidz in the Hall, and Amanda Blank.
This line up is crazzzyyyy so I suggest you click here to purchase tickets. General lawn admission is $40 while other tickets range from $63-$83.

Dru Hill Performing at Rams Head Live!

Ok so we already know Dru Hill is back...but have we seen them all perform together yet?'s our opportunity. On Saturday (7.26.08), come out to Rams Head Live! (20 Market Place) @7pm and check out Sisqo 'n' dem do their thing. Tickets are currently on sale for $35. Click here for ticket info.
p.s.- I really hope they do "Tell Me" (as I do the infamous hop lol)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

5.30 | 5th Annual Bowling Party

This Friday (5.3o.08), Konan Productions & Coors Light invite you to Shake 'n' Bake (1601 Pennsylvania Ave) for their 5th Annual Bowling Party. The party is from 11p-3am and will even include Glow-in-the-Dark bowling. (interesting...). Get there early because it is first come first serve...and with $20 admission, you are entitled to unlimited bowling, shoes, and a good party. This is a 21+ event so make sure you have ID.

Well this is a nice change since we are used to Konan & the KIS Models on the party come out and support!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 26 at Club One on Friday!!!

Don't act like you heard it somewhere else first...first tell Kian happy, thank Floyd for bringing us the sexiness that is...okay well maybe not all of them are sexy but their songs are, Day 26. They're performing in Baltimore with Danity Kane on Friday and guess where they're going afterward to party with the locals? Club One (300 E. Saratoga)...


Get to Club One on Friday night to meet the MTB4 kids... Is Danity Kane coming too? I hope so!

*UPDATE*: Apparently, MTV cameras will also be in the building (of course) Baltimore, STEP YOUR GAME UP!

Oh yea, check out some pics from Danity Kane's latest photo shoot:

(Photo: Aiight now Dawn, you know Bmore ain't forget about what you said about's aiight tho, you still look good)


Recap: Pre-Memorial Day Party at Timothy Dean's

Fabulously submitted by Ashlee
Bmore Fab! Correspondent

It seemed like half of Baltimore was partying inside Timothy Dean's (1717 Eastern Ave) last Sunday...omg it was so crowded but I must say that everyone looked good (good job Baltimore on stepping it up!!). 

First things first, let me give a shout out to Timothy Dean's and/or Events4GoodPeople for the complimentary valet (although the valet kindly hinted that they accepted tips). Girls always appreciate this (especially when it's free) because it can be hard walking to and from the car in our heels! 

TD's has one main bar so it took forever and a day to get a drink. I headed to the smaller bar upstairs only to find that they didn't have everything to mix drinks. The bartenders up there also moved a little too slow for my liking and weren't familiar with some of the more popular drinks. 

On the upside, 'The Hotboy' DJ Quicksilva was pretty good but most people were just standing around posing and not really partying. In true Bmore Fab! fashion, I give this party 4 out of 5 mics. With so few quality parties in Baltimore, I would  definitely go here again because of the good-looking crowd but I hope next time that more come to really party.  

Stay fab (but not too fab to dance)!

Recap: Carribean Wine Festival at Linganore Wines

Fabulously submitted by Ashlee
BmoreFab! Correspondent

I LOVE a good glass of wine (or any good beverage for that matter) so my very good friend, Marissa and I headed to the Carribean Wine Festival to see what it had to offer. First, let me say have good directions because we drove all over Frederick county before we found it! But once we finally got there, we saw tons of people sprawled out on blankets, hanging out with families, friends and loved ones, and having a great time.

For only $15 you get a cute wine glass, free tours of the winery, food, live music and all the wine you can drink! Although there were tons of wine lovers there, our visit was very intimate, which proved to be a definite plus. 

They had live reggae bands that had everyone dancing and enjoying the music. You do have to be 21 to drink (sorry kiddies) but people of any age can attend (and if you're under 18, it's free). 

Get there early for first dibs on wine and to get a good picnic spot. Check out their other festival dates here. Bottoms up!

Monday, May 26, 2008

5.28 | Free Night in an Atlantic City Hotel

Do you feel like taking a mini trip to AC for a day of fun? Well...this may be possible and it could all be for free (yes, I said free). This Wednesday (5.28.08), you and 959 of your Baltimore neighbors can win a free night's stay at Harrah's Resorts...this is the new Waterfront Tower hotel in Atlantic City.

And guess what? The only "catch" is that you have to catch one of the 960 room keys (yes I mean literally catch them in your hands...) being given away on the northeast corner of Pratt & Light Streets from 5-7pm on the the 28th. So you get it? 960 keys are being given away because there are 960 rooms in the hotel. The keys are good for only one night...Thursday (6.19.08) which is being designated as "Harrah Loves Baltimore" night. This means that Baltimore could potentially take over the entire hotel....yikes! (idk if AC is ready...)

I'm guessing this is some publicity stunt but who cares...its a free night and its legit, so don't ask any questions. Just make sure that on May 28th, you are at the corner of Pratt & Light between 5-7pm. Don't miss this opportunity to relax out in a brand new 44-story luxury hotel with a heated pool enclosed in a 90-foot glass dome.
Apparently Harrah did this in NYC, Philly, and DC already so its only proper that its hitting up Charm City next!

p.s.- Did I mention that the people handing out the keys will be dressed in body paint with the Harrah's logo? (hmmm interesting)

(Photos: Courtesy of Harrah's Resorts)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5.23 | The Grand Finale of Fish & Grits

Events4Good People & The Coors Light Models host...The Grand Finale of Fish & Grits this Friday (5.23.08) @ Timothy's Dean Bistro (1717 Eastern Ave.) For the grand finale, the kitchen will stay open till 1am!
Darn Bmore...we gotta find another soul food spot after a long week of work now! We'll miss you!

5.24 | Wardrobe @ Hiram Grand Ballroom

Chaos Boutique presents...WARDROBE:The Chao-tic Definition of Fashion 1st Year Anniversary Celebration & Trunk Show this Saturday (5.24.08) @ Hiram Grand Ballroom (1207 Eutaw St.).
The trunk show (lol) is from 9-11pm with the after party continuing until 2am. They are calling it donations, but this seems like quite a generous offer, so I'mma call it the tickets. Advanced purchases are $25 and $30 at the door ( not sure if that is the car door or door to the ballroom lol j/k)
Featuring Fashions include: Chaos Boutique, Gentei, Akousa's Best and other Guest Fashionistas. This event is produced by Saran Fossett of Reign Model Management.

Ticket are available at the following locations:

Chaos Boutique
824 Guilford Ave

2320 N. Charles ST

2351 E. North Ave

1222 W. North Ave

5.22 | Pre-Memorial Day Celebration @ Xanadu

If you're looking to start the party early, head over to Xanadu (10S. Calvert St.) tonight (5.22.08) for "Pure Thursdays" Pre-Memorial Day Celebration. Party starts at 10pm with ladies free before 11. You should already know that the attire is "upscale"...males must wear a collared shirt (this is their rule, not mine...but I agree 110%). Music by our fav DJ KI & DJ come out and start the long weekend on a good note!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fab! Fact | DMX Was Born in Baltimore

I bet yall didnt know that DMX was originally born in Baltimore! ( I mean I didnt either till recently so don't feel bad). But yes, X was born in Baltimore on December 18, 1970. His family relocated to Yonkers shortly after tho...guess thats why he reps NY so hard. We need luv too X! (lol)

7 Reasons Why Bmore Summers are the Best!

I came across this cute cartoon as to why Baltimore Summers are the best on earth so I figured I would share...(Photo: Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun)

Happy 36th Birthday to Biggie Smalls

For my readers who love hip hop, today is definitely a day of celebration. If Biggie Smalls was alive, today would have marked his 36th birthday. And for those who know MissBmoreFab!, you know Biggie is one of the main reasons I fell in love with hip today, we continue to honor the legacy of "one of the best that ever did it."
RIP B.I.G. (May 21, 1972-March 9, 1997).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jada Pinkett Smith's The Human Contract

Baltimore's own homegirl has come a long way from Baltimore School for the Arts. Jada Pinkett Smith has her directorial debut with the movie "The Human Contract" the trailer here. 

The movie is about, "Julian Wright, a charming and mega-successful businessman who hides a secret from the rest of the world which tears his soul apart every day. With his personal life in shambles, Julian will find himself willing to travel down the rabbit hole, as it were, when he meets Michael Reed, a gorgeous stranger who entices Julian to forget his rigid corporate world and try a more bohemian lifestyle, a decision that will not only affect his own life but those of his boss and co-workers, as well as inspire his half-sister Rita to re-examine her life with her abusive husband."

Support your own!!! :)

p.s. (Sexy fine) Idris Elba is in this one too...

The Spring Carnival at Security Square

Have y'all seen the carnival in the parking lot of Security Square Mall (6901 Security Boulevard)? It's so random that you have to check out. It's here until May 25.

After having a complete Bmore evening (we had crabs at Windsor Inn) we were just about to call it a night we saw the lights of the ferris wheel and the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Go over to Security Square Mall...either be a big kid again like we did or take the little ones. It's an hour or two of fab fun! :)

92Q's Advanced Screening of the Sex & the City Movie!

This is especially for my fab! ladies (or men...I dont judge). 92Q Jams is offering a special pre-screening of "Sex & the City" at Diamonds Cinema @ Westview (5428 Baltimore National Pike Rt. 40). This event is hosted by the 92Q Ladies: Sonjay, Neke, K-Swift, & LaDawn. Click here for times and other details. Don't miss this fab! opportunity!!!

Pic Recap: White Tie Affair 2008

(Photo: No, it's not a wedding...)

(Photo: The lightskinned homeboys is!)

(Photo: I see you 'Melo...why don't we ever see you with LaLa?!)
(Photo Credits: TheFlywire & Social Butterfly)

Not Fab: Cicadas are coming back! NOOOOOO!

No, I'm not lying... the 17-year cycle cicadas are unearthing on the East Coast this summer. I'm so not a fan of these little not fab.

And in honor of their return to the DMV, here's a little short story I wrote years ago (I used to keep a diary) about my cicada encounter four years ago when the 13-year cycle suckers were in town:

(Photo Credit: Ron Edmonds/AP)

Cicada Madness
June 03, 2004 1:54 p.m.

So yesterday I felt like I was being attacked by cicadas. I'm ALWAYS attacked. From coming out of the nail shop and having one of those ugly things attach itself to my butt, to one flying in my car at the Nextel store and having some random old man get it out for me...then there was yesterday the pinaccle (hopefully) of DISGUSTING cicada encounters...I was coming out of the hairdresser and got in my car. I have this little door handle, which also doubles as a change holder or whatever you want it to be, so I use that to close my car door... when I felt a CICADA! I coulda' died.

I rushed opened the door hoping it would fly out, but no the little sucka just stayed there. So I was freaking out trying to find something in my car to flick it out with. I flicked it out with a pen and it stuck to the pen so that freaked me out and I just dropped the pen.

I close the door again and THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So again I opened the door and found something to flick it out with. That one was dead. EW! I had a dead cicada in my car door. UGHHHH! Lord have mercy.

Angie saw me freaking out in the McDonalds parking lot and was laughing at me. She told me to get my crazy self in the car. I ain't even want to get in my car...I just knew I'd have one on my back and it would crawl around my car and make itself comfortable. I was going crazy.

Mini Recap | Socially Savvy @ Vin

As you know, TFE tries to be everywhere, and if we can't be, then our spies

On Friday (5.16.08), TFE Sources attended RS Entertainment's "Socially Savvy" @ Vin and this is what they had to say:

" The place was very classy and sleek, but the crowd was snobby. Luckily there were dressed nicely so they added to the decor of the place. The dance floor is small though (with a big pole in the middle), so people ended up dancing infront of the tables there were sitting at. Drinks were fairly priced so I would say this is a hot spot for a happy hour. But again, the crowd wasn't cool for this reason...A girl fell to the floor while having a seizure and the group of guys near here didn't move! (we checked and she is fine...she walked out of the club on her own). All in all, the DJ was cool. the attire was nice, but I wasn't feeling the crowd."

Well fab! fans, I think I'mma give this event 3 out of 5 mics for these reasons: My sources weren't feeling the crowd, and there were a million other graduation parties in Bmore that night. There should have been some sort of collaboration for one HOT event!

Still love you guys though and will be at the next party!

Monday, May 19, 2008

92Q Helps Porkchop and Kelson Celebrate their birthdays!

Last night, our favorite 92Q DJ's, The Big Phat Morning Show's Porkchop (turned really?!) and Kelson "The Boy Next Door" (turned 26) celebrated their birthdays at Cibo (100 Painters Mill Rd, Owings Mills). 

Hosted by The Union, the party was paparazzi themed, complete with a red carpet entrance, spotlights and camera bulbs flashing as everyone entered. 

By 11 PM, there was already a large crowd to come out and support some of Baltimore's own. Even the 92Q family came out to support, including Marc Clarke and K- Swift.

More details as we get them...

Friday, May 16, 2008

The White Tie Affair

The Flywire & Coors Light presents... The White Tie Affair 2008 - The Flywire's 4th Anniversary Extraordinaire - The All-White Garden & Post-Preakness Party on Sunday (5.18.08) @ Cylburn Arboretum (4915 Greenspring Ave)

The White Tie Affair is sponsored by: CÎROC Vodka, Downtown Locker Room, Global Entertainment, Authentic Bartending School, FDI --- Financial Destination International, Sam of Autoshowcase, Cashland, and the KIS Models.

You must wear "ALL" WHITE to gain entry (shades of cream accepted.) P No exceptions. For Accessories (not for your outfit) the following colors are accepted : light tan, silver, gold, bronze, and pewter are acceptable. Women can wear metallic shoes. They are encouraging the fellas to go to Downtown Locker Room, the official shoe resource for The White Tie Affair 2008 for a pair of fresh kicks. (uhhh thats not fab! for a classy affair, but whatever lol)

Music by DJ Lil Mic (one of my favs) & the Franchise Jay Claxton. There will also be a live video shoot by R&B songstress, Paula Campbell. (where has she been?).

For ticket info, click here or visit the Flywire website...

So come out and enjoy Bmore's version of The Hamptons...Wear All White and Let You and your True Beauty and Swagger shine.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lil Wayne Performing in Baltimore!

So the king of hip hop & rap is making his way to our neck of the woods to celebrate the release of the Carter III....Ikon Entertainment presents Lil' Wayne live at the 1st Mariner Arena on Tuesday (6.10.08) @ 730pm.

You've seen The Source Awards so you know that all of Magnolia projects travels with Weezy...this includes Cash Money (aka Baby) and special guests Yo Gotti & Gucci Man (2 of my ghetto favs!)

Tickets range from $30-$200 so click here to purchase.

I'mma be there screamin' "Weezy F baby...please say the baby..."

The Renaissance @ Club One

Sean Breeze Kian & Floyd & The Union Elite Present...."THE RENAISSANCE"- A Graduation Affair on Friday (5.16.08) @ Club One (300 E. Saratoga St.).

They doin' it big for all the Taurus, Gemini's, and 2008 Graduates...special shout-out to those graduating from Towson, UMCP, UMBC, Morgan, Coppin, Loyola, John Hopkins, and Goucher!

Music by DJ KI and DJ P Drama (definitely 2 of the best) with 2 for 1 drink specials till 11pm. This is a 21+ event so ladies should look fly and fellas might need to break out the collared shirt (a Sean Breeze rule of course! lol)

So Bmore...if you tryin' to celebrate, this may be the place to be. I already re-capped about Robert Oliver so you know Sean Breeze, Kian, & Floyd are tryin' to set the standard for Bmore night come out and enjoy a good time.

RS Entertainment & Vin Lounge are backkkkk...

RS Entertainment is proud to announce the return of "Baltimore's Best Kept Secret"...

So come join RS Entertainment & G'Love for the "Socially Savvy" official 2008 commencement celebration. The party goes down this Friday (5.16.08) at Vin Lounge & Restaurant (1 E. Joppa Rd). This event is also a fundraising benefit as proceeds will be donated to the March of Dimes Campaign.

Doors open at 10:30 and everyone is free before 11:30 pm on the VIP Guestlist (which closes on Friday @ 7pm) with reduced admission before midnight. There will be drink specials all night long with select bottles for 1/2 price! And due to the exclusivity of this event, your most fashionable attire is strongly recommended (in other words, if you ain't lookin' right, you might not get in).

So come out and help some of my favs celebrate the return of Towson's hotspot!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dilated Peoples @ Rams Head Live!

Decon Presents...Fresh Rhymes & Videotape starring Dilated Peoples @ Rams Head Live! on Wednesday (6.18.08) @ 7pm.
Tickets are $16 so click here to purchase.

Frankie Beverly & Maze come to Bmore!

For all my old school lovasssss...
Frankie Beverly & Maze w/ special guest Stephanie Mills will be performing @ the Pier Six Concert Pavilion on Saturday (6.21.08) at 8pm. Tickets range from $62-$82 for all seating so click here for more info.
Remember Stephanie Mills from The Wiz??? "When I think of home..I think of a place..."

Raheem DeVaughn & Chrisette Michele @ Merriweather

I.M.P. Presents... Raheem DeVaughn & Chrisette Michele live on Sunday (6.29.08) @ the Merriweather Pavilion. Gates open at 5:30pm and the show starts at 7pm. General lawn admission is $30, while reserved floor seating, loge, and main pavilion seating are $45. Tickets are on sale now so click here to purchase.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Suge Knight Gets Knocked Out!

LOL...even though this has nothing to do with Bmore, this was just too hilarious to pass up. Fab! fans, please check below as Death Row's own Suge Knight finally meets his match and gets beat up...haha.
Please check the pics below in case you missed the fight:

(The"Knockout Kid"...)

(Suge Knight laid out after being knocked out...)

(She bent down to help Suge and she got caught lookin unfab!)

(Bodyguards trying to diffuse the situation after Suge Knight is knocked out...)

(Suge Knight being escorted back to his vehicle after being knocked out...)

[Photo Credit: TMZ]

For more info, click here and check out this video...

Pic Recap | Pure Thursdays @ Xanadu

If you're looking for a good time on Thursday nights, check out the pics below from last Thursday at Xanadu...

(The crowd gettin' it poppin!)

(Two Party-goers surrounding DJ KI)

(Party go-er along with hype man, Adonis)

Recap | Robert Oliver

Lemme first start off by giving major Kudos to "The Kool Kidz" for finding the nicest venue in Bmore...hands down! If you can find a place nicer than Robert Oliver, let me know! (but I doubt it...)
So I attended the first edition of the "Style Chronicles" at Robert Oliver last Wednesday. I walked in and the venue is gorgeous! (check out some of the pics below) There was even a patio to relax on in case your edges started sweatin' on the dance floor (ladies, I know you feel me!) There were two by the patio and the other one on the dance floor, so you didnt have to wait long for a drink.
BIGGGGG shout-out to DJ Lil Mic cause he was killin' it...he might be one of the nicest DJ's I've heard in a while. He played my songgg as well as kept the crowd groovin' the entire night. Baltimore, you need to check this spot out because I have never seen so many well-dressed folks in the city in a lonngg time. Ladies had on their spring dresses and the fellas were lookin' good. I must say that Sean Breezey gets kudos for that one!
The place wasnt overcrowded which made it a more intimate event as opposed to everyone stepping on your open toe shoes...
I must give The Kool Kidz 4.5 out of 5 for this one...and they lost a .5 cause Sean Breezey aint show me no luv until the end of the party (lol...still love yall though). But all jokes aside, this is definitely the hot spot on 1st Wednesdays in Bmore!

Check out venue pics...

Check out crowd pics...

(Brian of RS Entertainment with MissBmoreFab!)

(DJ Lil Mic)
(classy crowd gettin' it poppin')